Presentation of ARD-research at US-Hackerconference „Defcon25“

Together with data scientist Andreas Dewes, I was happy and grateful to present our ARD-research „Dark Data“ (or „Nackt im Netz“, as we called it in German) at Defcon this year.

We were overwhelmed by the cheering Defcon crowd, which welcomed us warmly with a lots of applause, laughter and interesting discussions and remarks after our talk.

Foto Zuhörer Defcon

We do strongly belief, that browsing histories are a very sensitive and partly compromising part of your personal data. They should neither be collected, nor should they be sold. The experiences we have had during our research in 2016 affected us in many ways. We were deeply surprised how frankly (big) companies are doing business with this kind of data, also how worse the data is „anonymized“ and how easy it can be deanonymized.

Foto Andreas auf dem Podium

I will publish the video of the talk, as soon as it is released.

Because many asked us about the article/the film we did after the research, I translated the ARD article in English.

This also is a good spot to thank the great team, which stood and worked behind the story. Namely the editor Jochen Becker, co-authors Jasmin Klofta and Jan Lukas Strozyk and a lot of others, partly anonymous contributers and friends of the issue. Last but not least the publishing magazines Panorama, Panorama3 and Zapp in ARD and NDR.